'Donkey Orchid' near Clare, image provided by Dr Greg Guerin

TREND is a dynamic program and will grow over time; continuously collecting and synthesising data that will help South Australia make informed decisions to adapt to a changing environment. By building world-class monitoring transects along natural environmental gradients in social, terrestrial and marine systems, TREND is providing information on state and national policy questions and priorities. Recommendations based on the real-world evidence collected by TREND in the field will assist managers of natural resources and agricultural systems to incorporate predicted environmental and social changes into their planning.

The TREND program will provide South Australia with:
  • A greater understanding of the current environment and likely changes under diverse climatic conditions
  • Identification of systems and species most susceptible to changes in climate and other threats
  • Comprehensive datasets to assist in predicting the response of ecosystems to warming temperatures and changing climatic conditions
  • Combined knowledge gained from biodiversity and agriculture for monitoring in the future
  • Engagement of the wider community and contribution to policy and decision-making