TREND Adopts New Field Methodology

TREND Terrestrial Ecosystems is a part of the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN), an Australian Government funded initiative which is bringing together ecosystem scientists from across Australia to improve our understanding of Australia’s environment. In addition to providing new connections and networks, TERN is focused on integrating data across disciplines to allow consistent collection, storage and sharing of data to provide a more powerful understanding of our continent, its plants, animals and changing nature.

To ensure the data TREND is collecting can be integrated in to this exciting initiative, we have adopted the new survey methodology recently published by TERN’s AusPlots Rangelands facility.

The new survey methodology incorporates the needs of land holders and managers, conservationists, government and scientists to identify important areas and provide the information needed to manage these areas. It also provides a standardised framework for the collection of data relating to:

  • Vegetation structure and composition
  • Vegetation genetics
  • Plant stress(through measuring chemical isotopes)
  • Soil structure and chemistry (including carbon storage potential)
  • DNA of organisms built up in soils (soil metagenomics)
  • Site photo panoramas
  • Leaf Area Index (for validating remote sensed data)

For more information on the new survey methodology, you can download the Survey Protocols Manual (5.25 MB) on our downloads page.